Honduras Missions

Honduras Missions: My Passion

By Elwood Orr
It's inspiring.  Let me tell you about it.  I think it will make your day.  For years now people from our church have been going to Honduras in January at their own expense to participate in the annual effort to share our faith with the people in this third world country.

There aren't many things that the Hondurans do not need.  Throughout the year we collect clothes, which are sorted and carefully packed.  We also take health items, thousands of dollars worth of medicines, eye glasses, basic foods and other needed items to distribute.  These materials are sent by ship in late November to be available when our team arrives in January. Just to ship these supplies costs about $6,000.  Your support of events like "A Taste of Boulevard" and 5th Sunday Pancake Breakfasts helps to defray these costs.

Evidence of the caring spirit of the mission team is expressed in many ways.  For example, Edith Hamilton buys, begs and salvages small dolls.  She washes the tiny "babies," combs their hair, washes and irons their clothes and gets them ready to give to the little girls when they come through the medical clinic.  Her 80 year old mother, Dot Dominick, has crocheted over 800 blankets for the dolls Edith has collected.  If there is a desire, there is usually a way to get it done.

Everyone cannot go on one of these mission trips, but that does not mean you do not have an opportunity to participate in the mission efforts in Honduras.  If you have a felt concern and would like to help financially, let me give you some ideas:
  • Room, board and tuition funds are needed for Honduran ministerial students preparing to be pastors.  Cost:  $600 a year to sponsor a student ($50 per month)
  • The Good Shepherd Children's Home cares for boys and girls who are orphaned or victims of abuse and neglect and need a home and an opportunity to get an education.  Cost:  $25 per month and up for a sponsorship
  • The Baptist Medical and Dental Mission International (BMDMI), which oversees the mission efforts in Honduras has administrative costs that are un-dramatic, but none-the-less necessary.  Someone has to pay.  Do you feel inclined?  Any amount would be appreciated.
You may visit the BMDMI website at for more specific information about any of these ministries and other ongoing opportunities in Honduras.

If you cannot assume the full cost of any item mentioned, would you be interested in helping in any amount?  In this time of economic depression some of our people are facing economic strains, but we are a VERY blessed people.  Will you prayerfully consider some of these needs and then DO whatever you feel the Lord wants you to do.  Use any envelope, mark clearly how you choose to help, and place your gift in the offering plate.  Most of us can give and not miss the gift.  As you give, please pray that God will inspire others to share with you in this significant venture.  Remember that you can be a part of the Honduras mission team whether you can travel there or not.  Thanks for all that you do.

2012 Honduras Mission Trip

Mission trip - January 21 through January 28, 2012

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